Spirit of Freedom Experience

3rd – 7th Grade

In the Spirit of Freedom Experience, students will travel through the American Revolution as Danny brings history to life. Through his original songs,  Danny highlights the hardships and struggles of ordinary people just like you and me in the struggles of American Independence.

Through songs and stories, students learn more about the classic battles and heroes of the American Revolution.  They will also explore the lives of ordinary people like Peter Francisco, James Forten and Molly Pitcher, who still had an enormous historical impact.

By immersing students in real life stories, historical facts and the music of the time, Danny creates a richer picture of this critical era.  He gives real meaning to the names and places of our country’s history, will be given real meaning, exploring why they should really be remembered. In the Spirit of Freedom Experience, Danny shares that meaning with students, as well as the spirit and the inspiration of that generation of Americans at the moment of our nation’s founding.

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