“We can keep alive the richness and beauty of a well-played harp, tin whistle, fiddle, bagpipe or accordion; we can savor a story well-told, a ballad well sung; we can appreciate a handmade craft, and an athlete’s prowess as he rows a currach or tosses a caber to move forward into the future.  To move forward into the future, we must know our past.”

Gaelic translation: 
Ceol na cláirsí, port na feadóige…fuaim an phib uillin, an beidhlín agus an bhosca ceiol – cuireann sé fuadar faion gcroi; scéal agus craiceann ar agus amhrán dea-chasta – sin aoibhneas. An cheird sna lámha, lucht iomra sa gcurrach, caitheadh an chabar – duisionn se an mortas sa duine.  Mas linn a dhul ar aghaidh, caithfear an aimsir a caitheadh a thuiscint.

Whether is it a sold-out concert with the Tulsa Philharmonic, a World’s Fair, a children’s performance at a school, a command performance for a pope or president, a Celtic Christmas performance at a University or as a featured performance for the Council of Exceptional Children’s Annual Convention or the American Ireland Fund, Danny O’Flaherty leaves every audience spellbound.

Danny is available to perform a variety of performances ~ at a variety of venues:

House Concerts

All the magic of the old traditions of Ireland, right in your home. Gather your friends for an intimate evening with Danny. Learn more here.

Full Length Concerts

Featuring American and Irish Folk songs and perfect for conventions, fundraisers, theaters, coffeehouses and universities. To see Danny’s upcoming concerts, please see our calendar.

Celtic Christmas

A beloved annual tradition that captures the essence of all the treasured Celtic yuletide customs, featuring actors Michael Cahill and Janet Shea and many more talented and dedicated musicians, singers and dancers. To learn more, please see here.

The Celtic Sons: Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash

This refreshing duo enjoy sharing their appreciation for traditional folk music with audiences around the country. A rare treat together on stage, Danny and Noel both share a passion for the deep roots of folk music. Learn more about the duo here.

For more information on any of Danny's performances or for booking information, please fill out the form below or email danny@dannyoflaherty.com.

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