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CD/DVD – Danny O’Flaherty’s Celtic Christmas


A moving Christmas CD/DVD featuring a live performance of “Danny O’Flaherty’s Celtic Christmas,” featuring Danny O’Flaherty, Michael Cahill, Janet Shea, Courtney Shea Cole, Misha Kackkachishuili, John Muggivan and more.

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Now, for the first time ever, enjoy a Danny O’Flaherty show from the comfort of your own home!

Step back in time and savor the Christmas yuletide season as it has been celebrated for centuries among the Celtic countries of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany and the Isle of Man. In a live performance Danny O’Flaherty, Michael Cahill, Janet Shea and a host of other dancers, singers, actors and musicians weave a magical evening of story and song.

Danny’s “Celtic Christmas” is one of his most beloved performances. His mesmerizing songs and tantalizing stories rekindle the true Christmas spirit in every audience member’s heart. Slip back in time to savor the Christmas season as it has been celebrated among the Celtic people for centuries.

“In the two presentations of Celtic Christmas that Danny O’Flaherty has brought to us at Loyola, we have been blessed by its depth of soul and exquisite artistry.  The beautifully haunting melodies, delightful poetry, and enchanting stories transported us across time and space to the hearth of our hearts.  It was truly a spiritual experience of beauty and joy.”
– Barbara Fleischer. Ph.D., Loyola Institute for Ministry, Loyola University,  New Orleans, LA


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