CD – St. Patrick’s Day Anthem
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CD – St. Patrick’s Day Anthem


A moving St. Patrick’s Day-inspired album featuring Celtic and folk music by beloved Irish musicians Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash.

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Product Description

Fans of music lovers are in for a treat from renowned Celtic musicians Danny O’Flaherty and Noel Nash.

St. Patrick’s Day Anthem offers a lovely assortment of traditional and new Irish melodies to capture the heart and soul.

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  1. Cedar and Oak
  2. St. Patrick’s Day Anthem
  3. Down in the Valley
  4. The Scarecrow Song
  5. Hard Times
  6. The Hills of Connemara
  7. Somewhere in America
  8. The Soup Song
  9. Emigrant Eyes
  10. Yes, I Can
  11. Sweet Glencar
  12. The More Things Change
  13. The Parting Glass

“Throughout this album I was almost put into a dream state, dreaming that I was in Ireland and had visions of the landscape and the old towns that this fine musician Danny O’Flaherty guides you through with his beautiful talent and allows the listener to get a glimpse and a feeling that is one where one would want to stay.

Throughout this Danny brings you through his journey through music and the incredible vocals and Noel adds to that awesome mix. ”
– Steve F. Adams, Owner at SoundWaveOn



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