an irish christmas cd carol cover
an irish christmas cd carol coverCeltic musician at Christmas

CD – An Irish Christmas Carol


A moving Christmas album featuring Celtic and folk music by beloved Irish musician Danny O’Flaherty.

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Product Description

Renowned Celtic musician Danny O’Flaherty is back, just in time for the holidays!

Taking listeners on a musical journey, Danny travels two thousand years into the past to the ancient Celtic lands including Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Singing about the old-world Celtic customs and cultures, from pagan beliefs to present-day Christianity, Danny educates as well as entertains and ultimately returns the listener, the traveler, to the present. He rekindles the Christmas spirit in every heart through “An Irish Christmas Carol”


  1. The Hour that God was Born
  2. Christmas Without Family
  3. Peacefully My Baby Sleeps
  4. An Irish Christmas Carol
  5. The Wind at the First Christmas
  6. Come, Buy My Fresh Ivy
  7. The Road that Mary Trod
  8. Curoo, Curoo
  9. A Children’s Winter
  10. Little Red Bird
  11. Go Your Way, Green Leaves
  12. The Christ Child Lullaby

“The beautifully haunting melodies, delightful poetry, and enchanting stories transported us across time and space to the hearth of our hearts.  It was truly a spiritual experience of beauty and joy.”
– Barbara Fleischer. Ph.D., Loyola Institute for Ministry, Loyola University,  New Orleans, LA



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