One Earth for Me and You

K – 5th grade

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One Earth for Me and You is a lively participatory program for children which emphasizes our connection to the environment, through the use of song and story.  Danny talks about the critical importance of our wetlands and the necessity of preserving them, and he explores Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it caused on the Gulf Coast.  His song, “Daisy’s Wish”, reinforces  importance of preservation.  He also explains to the children how his family of farmers and fisherman taught him respect for the Earth and all her inhabitants.

Danny also talks about the Ice Age and its impact on the earth.  He uses the map to show where the glaciers were and how they created much of the geography we see today.  He talks about the bogs and the many secrets of history that they contain.  Through the interaction in this program, children gain a deeper understanding of their place in the natural world.


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