Celtic People, Lands and Culture

K – 5th Grade

Danny begins Celtic People, Lands and Culture with songs and stories about his childhood in Ireland, and about Celtic culture. Irish Gaelic is Danny’s first language, and he sings in his native tongue, using traditional native instruments like the penny whistle and Bodhrán drum.

Exploring Scotland and Loch Ness, he tells the fantasy story of the Loch Ness Monster family and their trials and tribulations.  The goal is to enrich the children’s understanding of the importance of family and of families working together to overcome problems.  Danny accompanies this story with many appealing songs, like “Magic in the Air“, “Baby Brother’s Coming Soon“, and “Monster Picnic“.

Charming tales of the Leprechauns and other “little people” such as the Fairies comprise the next segment of the program.  Danny explains the differences between them and relates the tale of his encounter with a Leprechaun when he was a little boy.  He tells about the most famous “fairy tree” in Ireland.  This is a true story of how a small fairy tree caused the construction of a highway to be changed in order to protect the tree.  Danny sings “The Leprechaun Song” which is always a great hit with the children, and he plays the “Fairy Jig“, which he uses to teach the children to dance the jig and to count in Irish.

“Danny O’Flaherty’s distinctive Irish flavored vocals and gentle educational touch are his trademark.  He delivers a truly memorable performance, touching the souls of the children and hearts of all adults present.  St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same without one of Danny O’Flaherty’s wonderful Irish ballads.” – Melissa Hymel, Pointe Coupee Parish Library, Louisiana

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